Foil (red/black) and tire questions

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Foil (red/black) and tire questions

Postby masraum » Thu Jul 15, 2010 7:55 am

I just picked up a red 04 MSM. I want to replace the 17" Racing Hart wheels with something smaller and lighter. I've got 15" Heliums on my old '97 (thanks Brian), but I want a 15x7 for my MSM. I think the red & black Foils would look pretty sharp, but I'd love to see a set on a red miata.

My other question is more for Brian. I used to run Toyo T1S and T1R on my '97, but most recently, I've been running Bridgestone RE11s. I love the grip both wet and dry, and think they surpass the Toyos (on grip, not wear). I was wondering if Brian has anything comparable without resorting to something R-compound. I daily drive my miatas year round in the wet and dry. As soon as I sell my '97, I'm going to be ordering wheels, tires and McGuard Spline drives for the MSM. I got great service from Brian before and will be going through him again.

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Re: Foil (red/black) and tire questions

Postby Brian » Thu Jul 15, 2010 8:02 am

Since you like that Bridgestone my suggestion is stick with it....we sell it here: ... 208RE.html

That red Foil is on backorder, no ETA yet from Konig on when we see more of those. Picture of the silver below:
KonigFoil.jpg (55.41 KiB)
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Re: Foil (red/black) and tire questions

Postby masraum » Thu Jul 15, 2010 2:22 pm

On the Foils, ok, if the reds are still backordered, then I'll probably just get silver. I'd wanted the RP-F1s in 15", but they won't fit over my brakes.

I'd like something in black that's 15x7 and light that'll fit over MSM brakes. I guess most of the 15x7 wheels are just over 13lbs, so I should have plenty of choices.

On the Bridgestones, wow, I'm not sure how I missed those. I thought I'd looked at all of your options. That's a spectacular price too!

Thanks tons. Now to get that other car on Craigslist! I can't replace the wheels and tires soon enough.
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