who's using 15 X 9 6ULs on a 99?

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who's using 15 X 9 6ULs on a 99?

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Do they fit okay? It seems as though there may be some fitment issues. I wanted to put these on with the 225/45-15 RS3s, but I'm concerned about rubbing. How many have had issues and how did you rectify them? If it is too much of a hassle I may just get
15 X 8s. I was also going to do some Xida COs a little later.


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Re: who's using 15 X 9 6ULs on a 99?

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There are already several 6UL threads covering this in more detail, with pictures. But short answer is coilovers required for 15x9 and light fender roll likely to fit that 225/45/15 tire (depending on amount of drop and camber). And...Tire/wheel will not clear stock front spring perches. Narrower 2.75" (70mm) Tein, JIC spring coilovers rub the tire at full lock. Standard race springs of diameter 2.5" (65mm), such as Ground Control kits and similar rub less at full lock. 2.25" (58mm) springs have no rubbing. Wheel may not clear front upper control arm when backing up at full lock, double check and use 3mm spacer if you get wheel to control arm contact at full lock/ full droop.
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