Recommended tire pressure on NC

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Re: Recommended tire pressure on NC

Postby Brian » Thu Oct 18, 2018 8:07 pm

avera01 wrote:
Brian wrote:I say start at 30 PSI and then tune to taste. For canyon driving days try a bit more at 32 to 34psi. For long comfortable freeway road trips try lower like 27psi.

Hi Brian,

Will these values be useful for the ND?

I plan on going up to the North Carolina mountains in 2 weeks to drive the Dragon Tail and other local mountain roads. My car is a 2016 GT with stock tires and suspension except for your RoadsterSport SB set to the middle hole and your Wilwood LBBK with the 12.19" rotors.

I normally have the pressure set around 28/29 for local South Florida roads as I find the lower levels more comfortable for daily driving and long runs of 100 plus miles, but on flat smooth roads. I figured I used that level (or a bit lower like 27) for the long highway drive up then change it to suit the mountain roads. I expect air temps to be in the 50s possible warming up a little bit mid day, depending on any cold front shifting down.

Yes, same on ND, try a range and find what you like.
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