Durability compared to stock

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Durability compared to stock

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My '92 NA wears RB springs and STR-Ts but stock daisy wheels. We have a commute with assorted potholes, a surprising variety of debris and 'temporary' patches worse than most of the potholes. Hitting these @ 70+- while bouncing around in the thundering herd is--disturbing. My question is, how do the Helium, Feather and Rewind compare to the stock wheels in strength/durability. I want to be able to upgrade to your BBK in the next couple of years and think all three of these Konigs are compatible. If that is the case, are they up to the task or do I need to reconsider my choices?
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Re: Durability compared to stock

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Welcome. The Helium won't clear the big brakes but the other two will and have proven plenty strong for daily driving for thousands of customers over the years.
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