NC 18inch NT03+M v RPF1

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NC 18inch NT03+M v RPF1

Postby 3ZACRWD » Thu Dec 05, 2013 5:05 am

Hi All,
Just wanted to get everyones opinion/preference between these two wheels.
I love the classic styling of the RPF1 but find the lip and shortened spoke make the wheel 'appear' smaller than it actually is. The nt03 is a bit of an acquired taste, but can look sharp on the NC.

Are you able to order different size width/offsets than what you have listed on your site for the RPF1's
Im thinking the 18x9.5 RPF1s may be a little too wide for a daily driver.
Looking at the 18x8.5 in either 30 or 40 offset - would either of these fit? I know that they would require some fender rolling as would have the 18x9.5 et45s. Are you able to get these in stock?
Also are you able to get the NT03+M in? Does it matter that the bore diameter listed for this wheel is 72.6 and not 73?

Sorry for all the questions, but thought id ask them all in one post rather than multiple


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Re: NC 18inch NT03+M v RPF1

Postby Brian » Thu Dec 05, 2013 8:27 am

We do have that 18x8.5 RPF1 in the RX8 section of the site HERE. That's a 40mm offset and with good fender roll you could make that work.

Yes, we can get any NT03+M that Enkei makes, we have done that wheel in 44mm offset 17x9.5 on these cars and I think that looks awesome. Can't recall doing the 38mm 18x9.5 yet, I use that 38mm offset with 18x10 with fender flares on our autocross 2007 MX5, so I can tell you it would take lots of work to get that on the car with just roll and pull.
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Re: NC 18inch NT03+M v RPF1

Postby 3ZACRWD » Fri Dec 06, 2013 1:34 am

thanks for the response Brian.
I was looking at the NT03+M in a 18x8.5 et38 (specs taken from Enkei site)
being a full inch narrower id assume that it should be a relatively straight forward install with some good fender roll.
What am I looking at for this set up?
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Also need shipping to Australia.

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