New AIM Solo GPS Lap Timer

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New AIM Solo GPS Lap Timer

Post by Brian »

This is one of our favorite track tools here - the AIM Solo is a lap timer that uses super-accurate GPS to provide live timing data to you as you drive around the racetrack, plus it stores that data for later use and download onto your PC.

This is an invaluable tool to help you improve your driving and get faster around the racetrack - analyzing the data is a key way that drivers find ways to improve their performance and decrease lap times at the track.

The AIM Solo is very easy to use, just turn it on and it automatically locates itself and knows what track you are at. You can configure it to show speed, lap and split times, predictive lap time, best lap, and acceleration.

When your race is over, all data can be downloaded on a PC and analyzed through Race Studio 2 software using graphs, tables and also real GPS images.

And the best part? The AIM Solo is easily portable - pair this with the RAM mounting system to be able to easily mount and dismount the AIM Solo from your car and also swap it between cars in a flash.
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Re: New AIM Solo GPS Lap Timer

Post by HappyCatFilms »

I'm now in the 'AiM Users' family. Picked up a MXL2 for my street-legal, track-day-capable NC2 build.

Links of interest: ... /index.htm ... 02_eng.pdf ... l-2008.pdf

I'll post more as I get it installed and learn more. Big selling point was that it talks (er, listens) to the OEM ECU for LOTS of data readily available, and includes the GPS module for lap info. I picked up the ODBII connector kit from Aim (link above), and already have figured a few things out:

Pinouts 6 and 14 on the car's ODBII connector are documented by AiM, but the connector actually connects four wires from the ODBII: Pin 5 is signal ground, 6 is CAN High, 14 is Can Low, and 16 is =+12VDC battery power. The pin 5 and 16 connections are missing from the AiM documentation but extremely useful to know, as they provide power and ground to the MXL2 without needing further wiring!

The connectors provided in the AiM ODBII kit are Deutsch DTM series; mine came with a DTM plug pre-wired to the ODBII connector, and the parts to assemble the DTM receptacle to be assembled and connected to the AiM harness. To truly properly crimp the sleeve connectors requires a specialized tool, a Deutsch HDT-48-00, which is a multi-hundred-dollar tool. I've sent some inquiries to friends who might have this tool, but it's pretty specialized to those who assemble or service many of these connectors - I'm more likely to have to crush-crimp it and make it work despite this. Soldering is another option; consulting with an electrical engineer buddy (I'm mechanical; we work well together) on this in the next few days.

I found a site that lists all the Mazda ODBII pinouts. The info on this page matches with the connections built into the AiM ODBII connector cable: ... nout.shtml

More to come soon, and I'm interested in hearing from others who have dealt/are dealing with this type of install!

- Rob.
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