New Brake Package - Playboy MX-5 Cup Car Combo

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New Brake Package - Playboy MX-5 Cup Car Combo

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We recently introduced the Hawk DTC (Dynamic Torque Control) brake pads on our site - great pads with good modulation, high torque and very high temperature capacity. And all that for a very reasonable price.

The Playboy MX-5 Cup series spec brake pad combo is the DTC-30 rear and DTC-60 front.
It's hard to argue with the sheer number of hours of abuse and proof of function that a series such as this provides on these parts.

We've put together a package for track-goers so that you guys can run the very same combo as the racers. Package includes front and rear pads, front and rear rotors, and stainless steel brake lines all around.
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