Longacre Accutech SMI Gauges

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Longacre Accutech SMI Gauges

Postby Ryan @ GWR » Tue Mar 31, 2015 1:17 pm

Longacre's Accutech SMi gauges are large-face 2-5/8" Stepper-Motor-style gauges.
The gauges include ultra bright LED warning lights that are easily set by the user and to make sure you notice problems before they become disastrous.

These are the gauges I use in my own track car after a long period of going through several other popular brands. I was really happy and relieved when I found Longacre's Accutech line of gauges; Excellent quality, very precise gauges that you can rely on at a very reasonable price. Unlike most gauges, the sensors included with Accutech gauges are very high quality, pre-wired and sealed against the weather. This is especially important for accurate readings that you can trust.

Accutech_Oil_Temp_Gauge.jpg (107.83 KiB)

We have these for Water Temperature, Oil Temperature and Oil Pressure.

Note that these are 2 5/8" gauges (60mm), which we like for better visibility! But, these don't fit in most of the universal gauge pods for the A-pillar or radio area. BUT, there are plenty of options for mounting these such as...

A very clean installation example from our friend Erik Bruner of the SMI gauges in his NB. In his own words, the 2 5/8" gauges drop right into the vent hole after you remove the vent. It's as if they were made for that location:

AccutechSMIGauges_in_NB.jpg (110.56 KiB)
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Re: Longacre Accutech SMI Gauges

Postby Ryan @ GWR » Mon Apr 20, 2015 11:27 am

Victoria Shen just got her Accutech oil and water temperature gauges mounted in the NB vent holes. Ready for the track!

SMIGaugesInNB.jpg (32.86 KiB)
Ryan @ GWR
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