Lug nut options for track use

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Lug nut options for track use

Post by jamaican_tuner »

Seems the spline drive lugs are the frequent choice for RPF1/ PF01

I swap wheels several times a month using an impact wrench and I don't think spline drive is the solution for me in that regard.

Will stock lugs fit RPF1?
Will stock lugs fit PF01?

Any recommendations that hold up to track abuse?

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Re: Lug nut options for track use

Post by Brian »

Stock lugs short and fat....near certain you scratch up your nice new Enkei wheels.

Thus you want any of our lug choices, which are all longer and narrower. They are longer for much more engagement with the stud surface so they stay tighter on track. Our 949 Racing lugs are a perfect choice.
Brian Goodwin
Good-Win Racing
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