Minilite Style Wheels for ND Club

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Minilite Style Wheels for ND Club

Post by GlenL531 »

Has anyone ever installed Minilite style wheels on their ND? I know that Rota's RB is available in a 17 x 8.5 4x100 45 which should be good for a 235 / 40 tire; however, I have never seen them on an ND? Are their any Minilite style wheels recommended for an ND Miata?
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Re: Minilite Style Wheels for ND Club

Post by Brian »

The issue with that vintage style is that it does not scale well, it gets REALLY heavy if you push the design out to 17 inches. Thus, I have not seen it, and I know that getting that look right in 17 inch would mean a wheel that is just too heavy for the Miata (ride quality would take a big hit).
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