Will 15x7" wheels fit 2001 with OEM large brakes

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Will 15x7" wheels fit 2001 with OEM large brakes

Postby ob1jeeper » Sun Sep 02, 2018 2:17 pm

Have tried searching for a definative answer on tire & wheel sizes & weights of unsprung masses, but am likely using the wrong search strings...

Can anyone tell me what the actual weight of the OEM 16" wheel is? If necessary, will dis-mount one to find that out, just looking for an easier solution to this question. Ditto for the brake calipers and mountings...

Am also wanting information shared by anyone with experience of same, whether a 15" wheel will fit over the OEM "big brakes", and if so, 1- which wheels are known to fit, and 2- what's the largest tire that is known to fit with NO modifications to the body or suspension.

I purchased this, my first Miata, approx 6 months ago, and have been getting a few minor mechanical issues corrected (exhaust, radio corrected back to OEM Bose, fixing pwr door glass & pwr lock malfunctions, etc.), changing the timing belt, w/pump, locating and installing an undamaged (cracked housing) OEM air cleaner, etc. and having it re-painted (clear coat beginning to peel in a couple spots), and a new top installed.

It came to me with and currently has the factory 16" rims with 215/40R-16 Hankook Ventus HR II's.

My goal is to lighten the unsprung mass at the wheel ends to hopefully improve an annoying shake @ 60-70 mph, and improve the ride harshness by increasing the tire air volume (size of the air spring) to soften the ride harshness. I have no intentions of this being an auto-X'r nor anything similar, but nothing other than a fun and sporty ragtop for taking both short & extended trips with. I'm past the age of wanting to spend most of my waking time working on, and/or trying to repair a performance toy. Those years are behind me... ;)

Finally, once I get this figured out so that it doesn't shake at the slightest provocation, I'll need to do a re-calibration of the speedo/odom, as it's currently reading approx 9-10% faster than actual speeds.

Thanks for any thoughts and shared experience/information.
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