Enkei 15x8 RPF1 on Mazda2

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Enkei 15x8 RPF1 on Mazda2

Postby Brian » Mon Jan 12, 2015 10:14 am

Thanks to customer Mike Wildt for pics on Mazda 2 of our new Enkei RPF1 15x8 28mm 4x100.

Customer notes on fitment:

Notes: The car is lowered on H&R springs and Corksport dampers and the side I test fitted has -1.7 degree camber.

They are pretty overkill on a Mazda 2. The front end pokes out past the factory mud guards but I'm quite happy. I haven't drove on them yet due to the winter weather here.
Enkei15x8M2.jpg (235.4 KiB)
Enkei15x8M2.jpg (310.31 KiB)
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