Aluminum Coolant Expansion Tank

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Aluminum Coolant Expansion Tank

Postby Ryan @ GWR » Mon Nov 28, 2016 1:37 pm

New for the RX8! Following our very successful aluminum coolant expansion tanks for the NC generation MX-5, the same all-aluminum "lifetime" solution is now available for the RX-8.

RX8 Aluminum Coolant Expansion Tank

The RX-8 relies on the plastic expansion tank to be a pressurized part of the cooling system. As the plastic ages and becomes brittle it cracks, and when that happens the entire system loses pressure and the engine quickly overheats. We've had a consistently growing number of cars coming in with blown motors due to this failure.

The "lifetime" solution is this all-aluminum expansion tank. It features internal baffling just like the factory tank, a machined filler neck that takes a factory cap, a sight window to verify the fluid level inside, and beautiful TIG welded construction. You get the peace of mind from never worrying about replacing the expansion tank again, and it looks great to boot.
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