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NB Coilover Install Trick

PostPosted: Fri Oct 04, 2013 9:46 am
by Rabbi
New member. Did not see this in a search here or on Google. Sorry if this is a repeat.

When replacing stock shock/spring setup with coilovers, I discovered a "secret" that made the process painless and quick. The trick destroys the stock springs, but I would have tossed them anyway.

1. Make CERTAIN that the replacement units are the correct ones.

2. Jack up the car/support safely.

3. Loosen shocks with suspension in the lowest position (least amount of pressure on springs).

4. Go to your work bench and retrieve your air-powered grinder/cut-off tool.

5. Wearing proper safety equipment, cut the spring in two at about the center point. There will be a bit of "jump" just as the spring comes apart, but on my NB there was nothing significant.

6. Don't burn yourself on the now-hot spring--but spin the top half of the spring down into the bottom half (effectively "screwing" it into itself).

7. Enjoy the fruits of your labor--in that NOTHING has to be loosened or removed except the shocks themselves and no spring compressors are needed.