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I couldn't find this exact question, so I thought I'd ask. I've seen people dancing all around this question, but never this specific question answered.
I have a '95 Miata, Koni Sports, stock springs. Racing Beat sway bars.
What perch does one use to lower the car?
There is no instruction supplied with the Koni's that indicates the perch to be used to lower the car.
I know the middle one drops it a little bit.
But which one do you use to drop it as far as the Koni Sport will allow? (listed as 7/8 inch).
Do you use the bottom one to drop the car, or the top one?
I ask because I used the bottom one and ended up with stock ride height.
So, I'm guessing maybe the top perch is the correct one to use to lower the car because it will effectively shorten the spring, or I've got something else going on that is preventing the chassis from going down a bit.
The question, the only question:
Which perch lowers the car? The top perch or the bottom perch? I don't care about the middle perch.
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The lowest groove is the 'lowered' position....and it does lower the Miata half an inch as compared with any healthy stock NEW shock. Note that NEW shocks equal MORE pressure than your old shocks. Thus, if you ended up 'stock' height then likely you were comparing to stock height with some really old and blown out shocks that had no pressure remaining in them, which will sit lower. Over time you had not noticed your car had in fact settled at least half an inch from factory height as the shocks wore out.
Brian Goodwin
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