redline MTL or redline syntetic tranny fliud 95 turret ?

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redline MTL or redline syntetic tranny fliud 95 turret ?

Postby fastfrank » Thu Apr 16, 2015 10:12 am

I want & have been advised to use Redline MTL in my shift turrent . Especially due to the fact that ilive in connecticut , cold winters & cold mornings , especially in the foot hills & higher elevations in the mountains .. the fluid gets thick when cold & I have to go through all the gears while the car is warming up , so it will shift a little easier & its still notchy ...I have to blip throttle the throttle and match rotational speeds to get it to shift a LITTLE BETTER . Besides I only use the best of high quality everything in my baby . The real question I have is , I've heard that some times the shifter fluid will seep into the gearbox fluid .I was a Mazda dealer most of my life & ive never heard of that happening , seeing as rx-7 boxes are basically the same & ive done more rx-2 , rx-3 , 4 cosmo 's etc. Than I care to remember . Thanks fellow enthusiasts ! I would appreciate any & all input on this , as I have the tranny , insulator boot & new bushing ready to go . Quote : RACING IS LIVING , ANYTHING ELSE IS JUST WAITING " Steve McQueen "
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