NC motor mounts installation

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NC motor mounts installation

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Hey Brian,

I'm thinking about replacing the motor mounts on my NC. I've already researched and decided on the mounts I want, but I've never replaced motor mounts before and can't seem to find an installation guide online for this (plenty of info for NA/NB, but nothing for NC). Do you know where I can find a good guide, or if you have the time would you mind giving me a quick rundown?

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Re: NC motor mounts installation

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I just finished mine. Not a terribly hard job you just need to have the front off the ground remove the front tires and come in thru the wheel well. You then have access to the two nuts you will need to remove. I loosen both sides ,you may need a breaker bar for the leverage. I left one side with the bolts still attached and removed the other completely. That way when you jack up the engine that side will come loose. Once the mount is off the car you can remove the steel cover and reinstall. Be careful to have every thing lined up or the engine might not settle done on the bolt and you will have to jack it back up. I did one side at a time to prevent any movement out of alignment. Before I forget there are two plastic cover that need to pop off they have a tab going into the frame you don't want to break off. Good luck I did mine while I was doing the header/exhaust install and it only added a bit over an hour to the time involved.
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