ND suspension torque specs

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ND suspension torque specs

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I have discovered, along with a lot of ND owners, unless you have access to an ND shop manual it is hard to find the torque specs for the ND suspension. These numbers are useful if you do a spring/shock or coilover upgrade. These are taken from the shop manual via Mitchell, and corresponding photos are on miata.net at the link at the bottom. Enjoy!

ND suspension torque specs

All Numbers in Ft/Lbs

Shock mounts -
Upper (37-43)
Lower (40-47)
Upper control arm (40-47)
Upper spindle/ball joint (42-57)
Lower control arm -
Alignment bolts (100-121)
Lower spindle/ball joint (79-94)
Sway bar end links (32-38)

Shock mounts -
Upper (34-40)
Lower (49-59)
Links -
Leading link - [upper rear] (49-59 both ends)
Lower Lateral - [rear lower] (48-57 spindle end, 63-75 alignment bolt)
Upper Lateral - [front upper] (49-59 spindle end, 48-57 subframe end)
Lower link - [front middle] (49-59 spindle end, 63-75 alignment bolt)
Trailing link - [front lower] (48-57 both ends)
Sway bar end links (26-29)

Link to miata.nt with photos from the shop manual
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