Carbon Miata Syder Grill Installation - DRLs Not Working

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Carbon Miata Syder Grill Installation - DRLs Not Working

Postby RobertF567 » Sun Nov 14, 2021 4:14 pm

I have installed the grill after some finagling and after carefully reinstalling the grill my factory DRLs don't work on my 2018 ND Club. I had unscrewed the housings to install the new grill and detached the connections to clean the glass for reinstall. There are connectors for side markers and for the DRLs and they can only be installed in one orientation so they clipped easily and I thought all would be fine. But no luck. I opened the wheel well cover and checked one clip and detached and made sure it was seated well. No luck. I checked fuses but none are labelled for DRL so I inspected everyone that might by used... no luck. Seems strange that both went out? Lights and LED markers work fine. New CM Haloes and Driving lights fine... no factory DRLs. And the trouble is not related to any wiring for new lights as they were not even set up yet when DRLs went out.

Any ideas or help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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