wheel fitment help please

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wheel fitment help please

Post by AdamB650 »

Hello all.
I dug and dug and could not find info on this specific wheel fitment so need some experienced feedback.
I found a staggered set of wheels I like.
Front: 17x8 +39
Rear: 17x9 +50
Will these wheels fit with proper tires and look good for a street car/not sticking out of fenders?
Thanks in advance for any/all lnput!
Greg @ GWR
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Re: wheel fitment help please

Post by Greg @ GWR »

Is this an NC or ND Miata? We do not run staggered setups like you have listed. The car was designed for a "square'' setup - all four wheels/tires being the same size.
Please let us know which year car you have and we can at least determine what is needed for the wheels to fit.
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