Help with shop/mechanic selection

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Help with shop/mechanic selection

Post by TerryC686 »


New to Miata and my ND2 RF Club. I drove a Lotus (track-only prepped) for a number of years, but now just want to enjoy a driver's car for spirited romps. I want to dial out some compliance and roll from suspension... Taking the usual steps: sway bar, springs and alignment. That's it.

I used to have a race mechanic I had total confidence in.

Can anyone help me with:
1) shops in LA/Ventura area that you'd entrust your car to, and
2) experience with Integrated Performance shop in LA.

Any advice/help is greatly appreciated,

Greg @ GWR
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Re: Help with shop/mechanic selection

Post by Greg @ GWR »

Hi Terry,

Sorry, we do not have any mechanic recommendations for the LA area. We are lucky enough to have Rocky's Miatomotive in the same building with us for the last several years, so we don't get out to other shops.
Try asking the folks at SoCalm, the Southern California Miata Club. There are based in the LA/OC area. They should know who the good Miata mechanics are in that area.
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Re: Help with shop/mechanic selection

Post by KeithO231 »

New to the forum but have the same question except looking for a good installer in the NE Florida area.
thanks in advance
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