wiring advanced keyless entry system

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wiring advanced keyless entry system

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I am having a trouble code U0214 Lost Communication with ECM and U2616,17,18, and 19.
The remote door, trunk and keyless ignition will not work along with the tire pressure light on the dash will not reset.
I am a DIY er.
The Mazda dealership wanted to replace the wiring harness.
So, I brought a manual for a 2013 NC Miata Grand Touring with the convertible hard top and wiring diagrams, and I have a voltmeter and test light.
Keep in mind everything else works on the car.
I have been using the "Keyless Control Module Inspection and Keyless Entry System from the manual measuring voltage and continuity.
1) At the Keyless Control Module wiring harness back probing at S3 (Power supply to the keyless receiver) I have 1.34 volts , the manual says I should have 12 volts Is the problem? Should I have 12 volts here under any condition?
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Re: wiring advanced keyless entry system

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I have a 2019 with the very similar problems: FOB/key red light on dash after yellow flashing entry; followed by failure of obd2 to connect with external computer; followed by total failure to start car without touching fob to start button; followed by failure to lock doors or open trunk using fob. Have replaced FOB battery twice to no avail. Any suggestions???? Thanks
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