Shock Tower Brace Installation

Installations instructions for MonsterFlow intakes, Big Brake Kits, shocks and more.
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Re: Shock Tower Brace Installation

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Man, I wish I had read this entire thread before starting the install of my RoadsterSport V2 brace, instead of just the first initial installation posts! It wasn't until I had all of the nuts torqued down that I realized I was not going to be able to mount the EVP controller. Undid them all and got the EVP controller mounted. I torqued them all down again and then realized that it would be next to impossible for my fat fingers to get the bolts in to mount the ECU. So, out came all of the nuts again. Eventually, I got it installed, but even basic instructions would have been helpful (Remove everything; when installing, mount these to the brace before you bolt down the brace, etc. :-) ) I have one bolt left over that doesn't match anything I removed, so in the spare bolts drawer it goes. All that being said, the installation steps themselves were pretty simple, and the brace looks great.
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Re: Shock Tower Brace Installation

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Had someone ask if our X Brace works with HKS Supercharger and Edelbrock Supercharger.
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