Roadstersport Midpipe Installation

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Re: Roadstersport Midpipe Installation

Post by WoodyW700 »

Hello Everyone,
I'm a newbie here on this forum/website, first post and small intro.
I like to be pro-active to most of what I do and plan things out in advance especially when it comes to modding my car.

Tomorrow I'll be taking delivery from Carvana on a 2014 MX-5 (NC3) GT, with 6 speed manual and the PRHT. It is whatever color the red/burgundy looking color is...Radiant?

Anyway, my question is in regard to the HELMHOLTZ mid-pipe installation. I was reading Brian's notes and it brought me to this website/thread. However, I don't see much about the install of this mid-pipe or any of the challenges in Brian's notes. Granted those note's may be out dated and installation has improved, so can someone who has installed this mid-pipe and have had some issues, please post up the issue and how it was fixed?
In the photos it does look tight, so at first I just ignored that mid-pipe, but then I started reading about it and I'd like to know more.

Also, since the HELMHOLTZ mid-pipe does not have any drone, does that mean the other mid-pipes do have droning at certain RPMs?

This website and others have made my mod list a bit long and when added up is about 1/3 the cost of the car!
The mod gods have hit me and the car is not even here...however, I am going to do this in order to know how the mods affect the car. I have learned about modding cars with my past cars, unfortunately, $o has my wife...YIKES!

Thank you!
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Re: Roadstersport Midpipe Installation

Post by Brian »

If you have catless header and no helmholtz resonator, you have drone. But I need to add some customers are deaf to it, or near deaf to it. I hate the drone, so I use a helmholtz resonator. ALL the midpipes are much bigger than stock, so all of them are more sensitive to installation....particularly since all are adjustable for length. All the instructions are still the same, I am surprised how often a customer gets any of the midpipes and reports it is hitting the braces that run under it and when I tell him that means he has it adjusted too long at the center slip joint clamp they report that making it shorter at that clamp solved the issue that nobody told them they would need to pay attention to....despite fact the product descriptions and instructions here all make that point crystal clear. Bottom line is that I find the midpipes really easy to install but a lot of people cannot or will not read instructions before jumping into the install.
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Re: Roadstersport Midpipe Installation

Post by JerryH982 »

Just purchased the Ceramic Coated Header and the Helmholtz Mid-Pipe for my 2013 Club, Installed the appearance muffler last week. I read in Brian's comments that this Mid-Pipe probably is not easy to complete on jack stands. Has anyone completed this install on stands? if so how difficult / easy did it go. My order should arrive by the end of next week. Just looking for some insight.

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