detonation of turbo engine at high speed

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detonation of turbo engine at high speed

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I have just put an AEM cold air induction onto my 2004 SE Mx5. Induction noise is high especially when the stock BOV returns the compressed air to the induction side of the system. I have now noticed that the engine detonates at about 6000rpm. I am thinkling this is a lean fuel mix. Does anyone know if the standard ECU can be modified to accomodate this leaning off of the mixture?
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Re: detonation of turbo engine at high speed

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Not sure why you didn't put this in the miata section but assuming issue is lean there are indeed choices available to fix that. Take a look at the website of our friends at BEGI and their MSM Reflash. That reflash has got many great reviews in other forums. Here is a link to one of those reviews in the forum
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