Racing Beat Mazda2 Exhaust Intall....Vroom!

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Racing Beat Mazda2 Exhaust Intall....Vroom!

Post by Brian »

Fun install of the day! Customer won this San Diego "Charger" Mazda2 and wanted to add our Racing Beat exhaust.

Rocky had it bolted up quickly, very clean install and the customer loves the deeper sound.
MAZDA 2 EXHAUST Installed.jpg
MAZDA 2 EXHAUST Installed.jpg (64.51 KiB) Viewed 14224 times
MAZDA 2 EXHAUST INTALL.JPG (87.48 KiB) Viewed 14373 times
Mazda Exhaust M2.jpg
Mazda Exhaust M2.jpg (122.84 KiB) Viewed 14373 times
Mazda2 Racing Beat Exhaust Install.JPG
Mazda2 Racing Beat Exhaust Install.JPG (81.45 KiB) Viewed 14373 times
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Re: Racing Beat Mazda2 Exhaust Intall....Vroom!

Post by MichaelJ017 »

:D I AM THIS CUSTOMER. This was a decision I should have made long ago. The Racing Beat Power Pulse exhaust just made driving my 2011 Mazda 2 Sport SO MUCH FUN!!! I love the sound -- everybody who hears it does, too. The crew at Racing Beat nailed the perfect note for this car. Brian (good-win-racing) and Rocky were very cool to deal with and I will definitely be a return customer for future mods. Jim from Racing Beat was great at answering my questions as well. Every one of these guys was a pleasure to deal with. Always a good thing for business and the customers.

This car always stands out, but it felt lacking in sound before this exhaust was installed. Now I smile (bigger than before) with every turn of the key and every press of the pedal. Just awesome! I posted a couple runs on YouTube an will try to get the word out more. Besides superb sound this exhaust looks amazing. Not tiny like stock, not obnoxious like a massive coffee can, and just simply beautiful.
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