Suspension upgrades for a Mazda 3

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Suspension upgrades for a Mazda 3

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Last week my Miata went away and was replaced with a Mazda 3 (slight sigh, but not really a bad thing in the big picture). Car handles well, but I know it cold be better..... So the question is what might be the best upgrades for a DD. Will not be an auto-X or track car.

- Looking on the MZ3 forums - rear sway is a common upgrade. Seems a no brainer

- Will upgrading the front sawy bar also be of any benefit? I would think more roll stifness up from might be a good idea too, esp of the rear was tightened up. Migth also help improve steering response. Both bar upgrades really helped my Miata.

- What about upgraded springs? The racing beat seem to offer only a small amount of lowering, which might be the best for the street. firmer ride is OK - will the handling be noticible upgraded?

- And if the springs are upgraded - will they work (at least for a while) with the stock shocks? New car with new shocks / struts. These would probably be the single largest expense if needed. One reason I would use shocks with minimal lowering - might be more compatible with stock shocks. If upgrades here are needed, I suspect Koni's are the best choice.

Thanks much Brian and all. You advice several years ago was very helpful on the Miata. I would like to see what I can do with the 3.

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