Mazda 2 having its neck wrung

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Mazda 2 having its neck wrung

Post by Oz »

Sydney driver/tuner Chris Gough has bought a Mazda 2 for fun and development work.
Here is a little footage of the poor thing in absolute stock shape except for a muffler (so he could hear it) at a recent MX5 trackday.
The course, a great little short one just opened in Sydney with lots of technical bits and changes in elevation. ... sport-park

Enjoy :)
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Chris Gough
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Re: Mazda 2 having its neck wrung

Post by Chris Gough »

G'day Rob,

I thought I'd update you and the forum members on what else we've done to our awesome little Mazda 2 since the last post on our website.

The footage you posted was from Sydney Motorsport Park and prior to that we ran a test @ Wakefield Park when the car was completely stock. Here's some footage;

Mazda 2 @ Wakefield Park

And for anyone who's into Formula 1 we also had some fun with this;

Kimi Team Radio

The car was a typical shopping trolley and we managed to post a best laptime of 1:18.95.

After the Wakefield test we decided to start on the simple things before our next test @ Sydney Motorsport Park (SMP).

We called Brian at Good-Win-Racing and managed to secure some 'goodies' including bars, exhaust and air intake.


This is the result;


The test @ SMP was a chaotic riot. I can assure you I had a tonne of fun ; ) (see above link)


It then became apparent that our Mazda 2 still needed to be a little stiffer and that the stock shocks where not up to the witnessed by the squealing and armfuls of lock!!!!

We've since added a few more bits including aftermarket shocks and competition wheels. This is what our Mazda 2 looks like today;


It should be noted that I'm yet to remove the spare tyre, jack or any of the ancillary accessories...somehow I suspect they help with the cars overall balance :lol:

So we're now heading back to Wakefield Park this Sunday (2 December) for more testing.

But wait...there's more!

We'll be @ SMP on 12 December for another test however this time we'll be taking both our Black Mazda 2 as well as our Green Mazda 2.

The Black Mazda 2 will be fitted with whatever additional aftermarket parts we think are necessary for more speed and less squeal. Whilst our Green Mazda 2 will be stock factory standard - Why?


Nah, just kidding. We'd like to measure the overall difference in lap times between a stock car and our Mazda 2 Project car.

We've been carefully measuring the differences in performance each time we've added a performance part. It'll help us understand which bits represent the best 'bang for your buck'.

If you're heading down to Wakefield this Sunday, drop in and say hello.

I'll post more vid's & pics after the test.


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Re: Mazda 2 having its neck wrung

Post by Brian »

Great stuff and pics Chris!
Brian Goodwin
Good-Win Racing
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