RX-8 lightened clutch & flywheel

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RX-8 lightened clutch & flywheel

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I've got most of the bolt-ons (revi intake & snorkel, RB header, cat-delete, rev8 exhaust, RB reflash, BHR coils, Ohlins road'n'track coilovers, RPF1s w/ NT-01s) and I still want this RX-8 to be faster! I'm not planning on forced induction because I love the recipe of light weight & natural aspiration. So this leaves me to consider items like under drive pulleys and lightweight flywheel/clutch combos. Sooooo,

That MX-5 Speedsport carbon/carbon clutch looks really nice! Is is possible to make this work for the RX-8? Is it possible that it could be too light for the RX-8? I could use an explanation of the various flywheel brands/weights offered for the RX-8 and what service (street, track, etc) they are geared toward. Thanks!
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Re: RX-8 lightened clutch & flywheel

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Sorry, the carbon clutch kits are on the verge of being discontinued as just too expensive despite being amazing to drive, and no additional fitments will be made.

That leaves the question of lighter flywheel, you could certainly do that and I enjoyed our Exedy light flywheel in my last RX8.
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