mazda3 performance options

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mazda3 performance options

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Hi Brian!

IMHO the first generation (2003-2008) non-turbo 2.3l mazda 3 could use some performance loving.
There really hasn't been any type of forced induction kits since Tri-point Engineering had their kit a few years ago.
Not looking for huge HP, the idea was for somewhere around 200 at the wheels

Here are some of my thoughts and wondered what your opinion is.
- Could the Kraftwerks Rotrex s/c for the Miata be adapted into the mazda3?
- After reading your postings about the 2.5 engine swap into an NC Miata got me thinking if that could be a possible alternative?

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Re: mazda3 performance options

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I imagine the 2.5 can go in the 2.3 relatively easy but we have not done it here, I would search one of the dedicated Mazda3 forums on that.
Brian Goodwin
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