Budget Street/Autocross/Track 2.5 NC Project!

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Re: Budget Street/Autocross/Track 2.5 NC Project!

Postby Brian » Wed Sep 11, 2019 1:01 pm

474motorsport wrote:Hi Brian,
When upgrading to say a 255 tyre the rolling diameter increases abit. Is that much of an issue or do you look at changing final drive at all?

We actually like the slightly taller gear, both for autocross and for spreading out the power. This will be even more true with the budget boost that comes next. Normally folks move to the 6 speed to handle the power but we much prefer the ratio spread of the 5 speed, even with boost, so we stay with the 5 speed even if we break a few boxes along the way. Our Supercharged 2007 has only broken two of the five speeds in the last decade, and they cost only a few hundred from the local yards.
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