Koni extended adjustment knob

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Koni extended adjustment knob

Postby Ryan @ GWR » Fri Oct 16, 2020 11:00 am

Hey guys, would like to do a bit of a poll for ND owners with Koni shocks.

The ND factory shock tower brace covers the top of the front shocks. For adjustable shocks, this presents the problem that you're not able to reach the adjustment knob on top of the shock. So those with the factory front shock tower brace have to drill a hole for access.

Konis come with an adjustment knob, but it shank is too short to reach through that hole and engage the adjuster on the shock.

We made a prototype for an extended Koni adjustment knob that can reach down to the top of the front shocks and makes adjustments nice and easy. We're on the fence about producing these, so time to put it to you guys!

The first question is how many are interested in this? To be clear, if you don't have the factory front shock tower brace, or if you upgrade to our aftermarket front shock tower braces (which have an open top), then you don't need this.

This knob is machined from a solid piece of billet aluminum and laser engraved. Price would be about $50. Would you pay that?

Ryan @ GWR
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