How to adjust caster. 2006 NC

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How to adjust caster. 2006 NC

Postby Maui06 » Wed Dec 15, 2021 12:31 pm

I've searched extensively, and haven't found a description of how to adjust the camber bolts to get max. camber.
Please let me know if I've missed it.

My understanding is that for caster adjustment, the lower control arm (LCA) essentially pivots or rotates horizontally on the forward (camber-adjusting) mount. Because the LCA is shaped like an L, that means if you move the rear (caster-adjusting) bolt outward, you have pushed the bottom of the spindle forward (and inward)...because it pivots on the forward mount.

I have adjusted the caster bolt all the way to the outside of the car, pushing the bottom of the spindle as far forward as it can go, but I only get 5.6 degrees of caster (see attached photo). I see many posts with 6.5 degrees, and I'd like to know how that's done.

My ride height is 13" from wheel center to fender lip. I've measure the caster on hubstands, turning the steering wheel 3/4 turn right, measuring camber, turning 3/4 left, measuring camber, and adding the two camber figures. I've verified this by turning the wheel 3/4 right, zeroing the gauge, turning 3/4 left and taking the reading.

The attached photo is taken with my feet at front of car, head at rear. Left side of photo is outside of car. Bottom of photo is front of car. Bolt is all the way toward the outside of the car, pivoting the lower control arm all the way forward (and inward).

Am I getting this right? Is 5.6 all the caster my particular car can get?

Thanks for any help.
NC Left Front Caster Bolt.jpg
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