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NC interior cooling

Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2022 9:17 pm
by matthew-m
I've got some weird questions. I notice the a/c is turning on, as if I selected the defrost options, when I select the other two floor vent options in my 2010 grand touring. It doesn't happen on the all vent setting.

Also, the last time I was in stop and go traffic during 100 degree weather, the a/c was struggling to get to 80 degrees on the max setting. Later I noticed that hot air was coming out the vents in traffic, however the outside temperature was only 70. As long as the car is moving, I don't notice anything. Once I stop for a minute, the vents will blow hot air and I'll need to use the a/c to bring the temp back down to ambient, usually less than 70.

I don't remember these issues in my previous 2007. Any idea where I can start diagnosing these?