NA Miata Rim and Tire Options

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NA Miata Rim and Tire Options

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Hello everyone,
I am looking for some options for wheel combos to fit my 1996 NA, I plan on boosting this car at some point and maybe taking it on track. I want the widest tire I can fit with only rolling the fenders, but I am open to stock options and more. I know 15x7 with 205's is pretty common and I have seen some people talking about 16x8's with 225's or 245's and was wondering what is the most recommended for mostly street driving with the occasional track day and potentially a boosted setup.
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Re: NA Miata Rim and Tire Options

Post by Brian »

The 16 inch combos are pretty rare on NA and NB because tires that fit in the fenders are a small niche of choices. In 15 inch you have ton of great choices so 15 inch is usually our suggest for best mix of ride and performance and tire options. I love 15x7 as a standard street choice that gets you a lot more performance than stock 14x6, and you can do lots of good tire choices like Continental ECS 205/50/15. That will clear all day long regardless of suspension setup.

If you want to go wider, add suspension first and roll the fender lips is our suggestion so you can do 15x8 and 225/45 without worry about having the fender lips cut the tires, or the tires yanking down the lips and cracking the paint. Doing coilovers makes space you need in there for the 225/45 tire to clear, and it gets you negative camber you need to tuck that combo under the fender lips. You can do that 225/45 on 15x8 for street use, and 15x9 for same tire for autocross and track days.
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