Is RX8 like cars in popular mechanics when we were kids?

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RX8 body design- SEXY or MACHO?

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Glenn Musshorn
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Is RX8 like cars in popular mechanics when we were kids?

Post by Glenn Musshorn »

Aloha Gang!
Just picked up My Rotary eXperiment three days ago. Im itching to tromp on her but I think I'll let her get used to me first. I get the feeling that this cars appearance and performance possibilities are even more than I had originaly thought. Do I hear a HELLZ YEEAH?????
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Post by Brian »

Welcome and thanks for the enthusiasm!

I have loved the look since it came out. Initially I was hot to switch the nose for the MazdaSpeed nose but it is not legal in STU competition so I have resisted the urge and over time the factory nose has grown on me. Love the wheel arches....looks downright awesome lowered a little. See our pics with the 18x9.5 wheels in the other section of this forum for what the RX8 can look like lowered with meatier shoes....AWESOME.
Brian Goodwin
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Post by dgeisler »

I love the looks and the fact I can take it to the track one day, and throw my wife and 2 kids in it the next day for a drive to the grocery store. Gotta love versatility. ;)

The more I dig into this car, the more I discover the factory did a heck of a job in the first place with this one!
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